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Vincent Rouard
2018-08-20 20:17:32
Message from M. Ron Garritson:
I got the video. Very good! Only one critique I would make is for you to slow down a bit when you sign. If you go too fast the person you're signing to will have difficulty understanding. Keep it at a slower pace. Other than that, it was well done and your signing motion was graceful, as it should be. Keep up the good work.
My best,

Vincent Rouard
2015-01-01 14:37:43

To close this year 2014, we would like to thanks all the anonymous who visited the website of the association, and those who kindly leaves thier impressions :
Lazslo Vitje Rouard, François Laurent, Catol, Denise and Claudine Vandewoude... You are all very welcome... Thanks to M. Michel Delnieppe who make possible the creation of this website and for his disponibility....
The members of the association send you their best wishes for this new year 2015, and give you Peace and to keep in mind this so particular feeling that we are all related... Respectly yours, the association Joindre l'acte à la parole.
László Nagy
2014-04-27 15:58:34
Hello Vincent Rouard! I am Laszlo Nagy from Hungary.
You are the best whiteman sign talker of PISL I have ever seen on the web! The form of the signs are almost perfect,same as on the old videos. Perhaps if You want to teach, then made them more slowly - like chief Many Treaties in "Injun Talk". I could read almost all in Your three stories - but not every sign, because the clips are very very short. That is a great pity. I do not understand why are they so sacred that cannot be signed for everybody who wants to learn PISL. Web is full of indian tales. This is an endangered language: one who so perfectly knows it must have teach it on the web too. I could learn so much from You.
Did You learn it from Indians? (But You must have learn from the videos,too, as myself.)
Please put on more clips of whole stories or at least sentences, because sentence-making is the main point in learning this language.
It is interesting that You make GO-TO-WAR ("the pipe goes" or "carrying the pipe" with 2 hands instead of one.
Best wishes.

2014-01-16 20:36:32
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