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The first Nations of United State of America and Canada, the speech of the gesture

The association have different aims :
First, to make the public aware of the Natives Americans people of U.S.A. and Canada, and to bring up those living on the French territory, in French Guyanna (Wayana, Arawak, Ka’lina…)

To save the Native American Sign Language as a Cultural and living heritage of humanity, in danger of extinction, and in this way, to make the public sensitive to the deaf and hearing impaired people, and help to understand this deafness  as a difference and a boon, not as a handicap.

The association  have the vocation to be a bridge between individuals and peoples, with a view of respect, attention, and fraternity.

Native american sign language
little history

This sign language was the diplomatic and commercial one among the Native American Indians of North America. It was used from Mexico to Canada, North-South, East-West, by more than 500 Nations, and 300 different languages, hence his international characteristic.
Nevertheless, this language, first created by hearing people, is tending for a hundred of years to disappear because the extinction of the natives tongues for the profit of the indo-europeans tongues, namely: english, spanish and french. But it is using today by the natives deaf, by the natives storytellers, and by some Europeans, passionate about the Natives Cultures, keeping the international character of this signed language.

American Indian Sign Langage
Show by Gael Aguilera

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